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"It's your place in the world; it's your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the experience you want to live" 

Mae Jemison.

Meet the Team

Tameeka Smith

Managing Director

Throughout my career, I have worked to help others. I began my working life, working in a Bail Hostel for Female offenders. That was tough, but a stark reminder about how our life is impacted by choices good or bad. My experience with clients led me to believe that younger people who are on the periphery of trouble would be more open to receiving support, so I became a Learning Mentor supporting disaffected students in mainstream schools. I loved this work, but I wanted to make more of an impacted with the students in my care.


This is how my teaching career began. Over 15 years, I taught hundreds of students, and they taught me. They taught me about reliance, strength, determination, humour, empathy and forgiveness. I loved teaching, leading staff teams; departments and coaching newly qualified teachers but wanted a change.  Long hours and rigid work expectations had taken its toll.


I opted for a career change and found myself leading a charity for young people. Again, I chose a profession that was of service to others. After five years as the Director, I stepped down and launched Trimenco with Delrita. Using the experiences that my colleague and I have gathered over the last 20 years, we at Trimenco, have devised several courses, programmes and sessions that aim to help our clients overcome any barriers to progress and success in their lives.

I look forward to contributing to support positive changes in the clients that we work for.

Cindy Smiley

Trimenco Coach

One of the most important things to me throughout my career has been to inspire the people. Since I can remember, I always wanted to have a positive impact on others.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in the education sector. From nursery teacher to secondary school teacher, I have been committed to promoting the education and well-being of children and young people. Throughout my career, I have developed my ability to engage, motivate and inspire my students to reach their full potential.

I loved being a teacher, but my life had changed when I decided to have children. My priority was to raise a family and forget about my career, which made me happy at first, but then I started to lose my sanity. I knew that I needed to find a job role that will suit my family’s needs, as well as mine.

I thrive on helping others in need to create more fulfilling lives, making a difference in people’s lives is what brings meaning to my life.

Joining Trimenco as a consultant/coach allows me to live my passion. Every day, we connect with inspiring people, we help them to achieve their full potential, both professionally and personally, by supporting and guiding them through their transformation. What is more rewarding than that?

Delrita Agyapong


If I was to answer the question 'What drives me?' I would answer two things enjoyment and challenge. I realised early in my career that if I wasn't happy with my job or if I am not challenged I would not thrive and it would be time to either move on, or change my mind-set and develop something new in the role to feed my drivers. 


I read Business Studies at University, but instead of pursuing a career in a corporate world, I knew I wanted try and ignite the passion in others through teaching, this would also serve my desire for challenge and enjoyment and it did not let me down in that respect.


After a decade of teaching I felt that a change needed to happen and at this time an opportunity became available to enter the voluntary sector. What more change could I need? A new sector, learning and developing new skills, looking for ways to simplify, modify and improve existing procedures and working with people in need. 

Working in the voluntary sector has challenged me and enabled me to meet lots of people all working to improve society in some way shape or form, it is truly amazing.  I have also enjoyed nurturing and supporting voluntary organisations so setting up Trimenco, with Tameeka, was a natural progression for me.

Training, mentoring and coaching for me real enjoyment!

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-16 at
Dwight Weir

Trimenco Coach

I’m motivated by the success of others! 

Whilst growing up I had great role models including teachers and coaches who poured into me gallons of positivity and great wisdom. They championed my journey and were my cheerleaders! It’s my duty to give back and invest in others.


That’s why I went into education and coaching. With over 20 years experience in education working in Jamaica, England and Qatar, I’ve served at all levels from teacher through to Headteacher. I’ve also supported individuals outside the education sector to reach their goals and realise their potential.


These years have equipped me with the skills to be able to support you through your journey towards achieving your goals.

Whether they be personal such as gaining a promotion or closer to home; confidence building. 

I use the GROW model in my coaching sessions. This means that our sessions will be driven and results orientated. 

Let’s start the conversation.

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